Muslim College Life: Dating, Drinking and Deen???


Young people live for the day when they can move out of their house and go to college and finally be free. Freedom from their parents, from restrictions on their lifestyle, from everyone telling them what to do.

This is why in college you find a whole generation that does what they want. Life’s short they say, let’s enjoy ourselves while we can.

So it goes for Muslims. In college you find the most amazing things, Muslims who don’t pray, Muslims who date , go out to parties and drink.

 Why is this happening?

For one, when students go off to university, they finally realize that what they believed in was blind. Religion becomes like a fairytale, when they got old enough, they knew better than to believe in it.

Most have little knowledge about Islām and have maybe memorized the right rituals to get by. Why believe something on faith, they ask. After all we cannot see heaven or hell. How do we know Islām is right anyway?

Islāmic culture to them means marrying someone they never knew. It means arranged marriages and never hanging out or having fun.

For girls, Islamic culture has even less to offer. It would mean double standards or having to serve a husband the rest of her life.

The western alternative to this looks a lot more attractive.

In western culture “love and romance” are supposedly everywhere. Everyone is out looking for love freely. Meeting someone, going out, seeking pleasure sounds a lot better.

But what about the downside? For love at first sight, you need to have the right image, the right hair, the right clothes.

Girls have to aspire to be like the latest supermodels, they have to hold back age. Who’s going out with who, what are my friends thinking, what will happen if I don’t get the right girl or guy, what is my girlfriend or boyfriend thinking, all become important.

Frustration, desperation, and unhappiness become the norm.

Imagine all the heartache youth would save if they followed the Islāmic alternative.

In true Islām, unlike culture, there is no game playing. If two people wish to be involved, they are both straight with one another.

Unlike what goes on today amongst some Muslims, they both meet each other and make a contract to marry. Women are treated with respect, there is no sexual bombardment like there is in western society. Sex in western culture is also often seen as a vice or a sin of the flesh. But even in religious Islām, sex is seen as natural. As long as it is in the right circumstances, when the two are committed to one another in marriage.

Drinking in college is also the norm unfortunately. If you don’t drink or party you’re seen as weird. Drinking is cool and a way for people to socialize, meet and have fun. The one who doesn’t is less of a person and ‘misses out’. Drinking and all the harms that come with it is cut off at the root in Islām. So many problems are avoided, accidents, pregnancy, violence and even rape for example.

In college and in the world, success in life is not seen in terms of religion. It is seen as what other people think, one’s careers, how much money they make. If you are religious you must have failed at life. But why do we have this seperation? and this blindness in religion?

The Qur`ān tells us again not to have blind faith, not to follow the religion of our forefathers.

Yet, we as Muslims have stopped thinking. We may think about what our friends or other people will say, but we avoid thinking about the real issues.

We spend so much time on the opposite sex, thinking about careers, money etc, but we forget to think about death and how much of this we will really be able to take with us?

❝Every soul shall have a taste of death and only on the Day of Judgement shall you be paid your full recompense…for the life of this world is but goods and chattels of deception❞
― Al-Qur`ān, Chapter 3, verse 185

Shouldn’t we take the time to contemplate what will happen to us after we hit the grave? After all, what is the point of life if we are not accountable for our actions? If there is no creator, what is the point of being honest or good.

If we really look at our life we see that everything is indefinite, getting a job, even living until tomorrow. In fact we could die anytime, this is a definite, the only dead certain thing in our life.

Most of us believe we can make up for our actions later or we can be religious later.


The chances of our dying today are little, but the stakes are high. Allāh reminds us of the importance of this,

❝O you who believe, obey Allāh as he should be obeyed, and die not except in a state of Islām❞
― Al-Qur`ān, Chapter 3, verse 102

Each of us needs to decide.

On the Day of Judgement, it will be us alone who will be asked about our actions.

❝Verily We have revealed the Book to thee in truth, for (instructing) mankind. He, then that receives guidance benefits his own soul: but he that strays injurs his own soul…❞
― Al-Qur`ān, Chapter 39, verse 41

This is the true definition of freedom. To learn about Islam and the world openly. To contemplate about life and death. And after learning the truth, obeying the word of God.

❝Those on whom knowledge has been bestowed may learn that the (Qur`ān) is the truth from your Lord, and that they believe therein, and their hearts may be made humbly (open)to it…❞
― Al-Qur`ān, Chapter 22, verse 54

Once students have this rock-solid intellectual belief in Islām, the corruptness and falseness of the people around them is clear. The beauty and wisdom of the islāmic way, the best alternative is clear. What others do is of less importance. If others think they were weird to pray or weird to be honest, they would still pray and still be honest because they know their deen.

Our Qur`āns are left on the top shelves, gathering dust. Sometimes the most it is read is when someone dies. How is this to help, when the guidance comes too late. The Qur`ān is for the living. The path to understanding and following Islām comes from learning first.

How many of us are Muslim, yet have never read the Qur`ān in our native language?
How many of us are Muslim, yet have yet to open a book on hadith or sunnah?
How many of us defend Islām to non-Muslims, but do not follow it ourselves?

May Allāh forgive and lead us and all those lost to the straight path.

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