The Lost Generation

Once we were Kings and Queens,
Enlightening the world with the treasures,
Of the Qur’an and Sunnah of our deen.
But we lost it all, We have lost it all.

For those for whom chastity was a virtue,
Immodesty has now become the theme.
For those for whom Allah was the aim,
The wealth of the world has now become their dream.

It is as if we walk in a trance.
A lost generation of souls.
To Shaytaans tune we dance.
Paying no attention to higher goals.

The eyes of the pious shed tears,
In sorrow and grief for a people deceived,
But we continue in our ways,
Paying no attention and taking no heed.

How long will this situation continue?
How long will we continue to play?
How long will we ignore the questions,
That will come from Allah when our life ends
And we finish our stay?

Is it not time to change our situation?
Is it not time to change our way?
Is it not time to change our direction,
Turn over a new leaf and begin a new day?

The doors of guidance are still open,
The window of opportunity still awaits,
But the pen of life waits for no man.
So take hold of yourself and return.
Return to Allah before its too late.


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