Purpose of Life!

Allāh says in the Qur’ān:

We have not created the Humans and the Jinns, except to worship Me ( that is Allāh).

(Adh-Dhariyat 51:56)

In various places in Quran, Allāh has instructed to the mankind ( not only Muslims), that this world is a test for you, and the real life begins after your death here. All the evils and all the good things provided in this world serves only one purpose, to seive the pious people from the evil ones. The evil ones being those who will or have been deceived by Shaytān and forget the basic message of Allāh, that is to worship him alone and not to associate partners with Him, and they all will burn in the hell fire for ever. The good one are those, who accepted the oneness of God, and accepted this message brought by various messengers and ultimately by Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

All of these righteous one will ultimately go to Paradise ( but after the judgment day, which means that Justice will prevail, and even the Muslims who have disobeyed Allāh will be punished and after that punishment will be allowed to enter Paradise).

Hence, Muslim by its litereal meaninig is A person who submits his will towards Allāh. The whole purpose of life of a Muslim is to lead this life as explained very elaborately in Qur’ān and in the sayings of our beloved Prophet Mohammed ( peace be upon him) and in doing so, if he disobeys, should fear Allāh and seek forgiveness, and always aim for the rewards of the eternal life.

{May Allāh forgive me , if I had done any mistake in this post }


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