How To Give Dawah


At Home:

― Prepare a collection of books, magazines and tapes according to what is suitable for the various age groups.

― Make a bulletin board for the home on which announcements for Islāmic lectures and events can be posted in order to remind the family of important events and lectures.

― Read from a book, listen to a tape or memorize a portion from the Qur’ān and hadīth together as a group.

― Engage family members in Islāmic competitions.

― Have your brother or son accompany you to the prayers, lectures or to visit a sick person or a scholar or the offices of Dā‘wah.

― Do some righteous acts in front of the family, such as prayer, reading Qur’ān and giving charity, as an example for them to learn from.

At the Mosque:

― Participate in developing the mosque’s Dā‘wah facilities and activities such as its library, Qur’ān memorization classes and its contribution’s box.

― Advertisement for Mosque’s Programs. Announce the topics and timings for new lectures and classes in the mosque and post advertisements for them on the bulletin boards, social networking sites and on the doors of the mosque.

At School:

― Participate in the drama activity in the school by developing Islāmic plays and themes.

― Give full support to student opinions on important issues, especially those related to Islām.

― Help the Islāmic studies department to develop a strong and varied section for Islām in the school’s general library.

― Participate in book and tape exhibitions or anti-drug epositions, etc. which are officially organized by the school.

At the Work Place:

― Put up Dā‘wah posters and announcements for Islāmic events on the office’s bulletin boards.

― Keep Dā‘wah material on your desk at all times, among your books, in a rack as well as on your own bulletin board.

― Distribute tapes of recent lectures relevant to co-workers. Especially those with catchy titles that address materialism.

― Invite interested co-workers to lectures and other Islamic events, as well as to visit Islāmic dā‘wah offices.

― Establish congregational prayer in the office or invite co-workers to accompany you to the nearby mosque.

― Encourage Islāmic discussions during lunch and tea breaks.

― Gather other active Muslims in the office to initiate Islāmic charitable projects on your job.

― Do your job to the best of your ability at all times as a good Islāmic example to your co-workers.

May Allāh make you and us guide for others and grant us a place among those who are themselves rightly guided.


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